Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


I thought since I have lingered on this topic so long, I’d share my timeline. Active TS/SCI clearance holder since 2014. I have been processing for a fed position since August 2016.

  • May 2016: applied for position
  • August 2016: received COE/submitted SF86
  • April 2017: polygraph
  • Fall 2018: security requested me to fill out SF86C and new release forms
  • November 2018: interview with BI
  • January 2019: Last contacts contacted? (Based on who they’re talking to it appears they are treating this as a reinvestigation)

All in all, approaching day 1000 since COE mighty fast. Frustration ebbs and flows. Hoping that since things have been going on forever, I’ll be placed on a mythical high priority stack for adjudication. Hoping 2019 is the year!


Do you know if your investigation has closed or not?


Mine is similar as well. When did the investigation start?


I do not. I do think all contacts have been contacted and since no one came back around to me, I think it’s likely going to head to adjudication purgatory soon. I don’t think I will find out for certain either.


Check with your FSO or anyone that has access to JPAS. That’s the quickest way to see if your investigation has closed. After that comes the review…and THEN adjudication.


Fair enough, and no argument that it isn’t a concern. But I don’t think it helps the goverment’s case that the issue wasn’t addressed with respect to my security clearance when it happened, and I’ve been continuously employed with DOS ever since without incident. My employer and HR also knew about it because they were the ones that investigated it and handed out the disciplinary action. Since this incident, I have received a promotion, two step increases, and numerous awards for my work. But it seems now they want to split hairs about an isolated incident that happened 2 years ago.


Excellent! And all in your favor. Trends are far more important, warning flags of deeper issues than individual incidents we can all stumble into. Clearly this was a one of, and not a trend, it did not indicate deep problems and you clearly overcame it. For the record they will want to document your success. I see this as a good thing.


Hey guys so my timeline has been very weird and not like anyone elses
I applied for a security clearance back in April 2018
Submitted the SF86 in April ‘18
Got interviewed by OPM agent May ‘18
Investigation was done August ‘18
Been waiting on adjudication stage since august
Any suggestions or seems like most people have been waiting longer than me?


Hey everyone, I met with my investigator October '18 just for the final interview and go over. She told me everything was complete on her end and what she saw everything else was done. She said investigation should be done by November '18, but I contacted my FSO and they said that they still require additional info. I already gave the additional info during the interview. Anyone experienced this?


You can do a FOIA request for a copy of your background check if your concerned.


At least people are actually getting their subject interview. It’ll be a year in March since I submitted my SF86… (credit pulled in August)…but no signs of an subject interview in sight. :smirk:


Not really that weird, some of the cases submitted recently are proceeding pretty quickly, at least as far as the investigation goes… which is really the only part we have much insight into.

As for adjudication… well…


Equip submitted in june 18
Subject interview july18
Credit pulled july 18
One reference interviewed july18
Present employer interviewed july18
I call nbib every month they tell me it is still in process.
About ready to write congressman.


Remember . . . You may not have a subject interview . . . It may not be needed.



Even for a TS/SCI? Excuse my ignorance, but I just naturally assumed I would.


No . . . I suspect that you WILL have an interview then. Sorry, l can’t keep track of who is going through what level of investigation . . .

But, I wouldn’t expect your interview to happen until closer to the end after they research and develop information on any issues that come up.


@EdFarmerIII… I’m sure it gets confusing…lol.

But that makes sense. Let me ask you this, is the fact that I haven’t heard anything (sans having my credit ran)… a good thing?


Nobody can tell you that. Even if they discovered the most terrible reason for denial that you can imagine, they are going to continue the investigation to the end to see what else pops.


I get to keep the clearance. Thank you @amberbunny and @Marko and rest on here for reassuring words and encouragement. This has caused an insane amount of stress and glad to put this behind me. For any that are interested sent eqip in August, closed in December, adjunicated January.


Are you serious??? it has only been six months and you are thinking of firing the silver bullet? Your timeline is pretty fast compared to a lot of people.