Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


I called the FOIA OPM number for the first time yesterday. My status is Pending. The only three options available were Open, Closed, or Pending. Pending falls under the Open category according to the person I spoke to.


BI Opened august
Interview sept
Investigation closed as of dec

Now wait on adjunication. Seems like fastest 90% should be completed within a month or 2 after investigation closure, hoping that’s the case.


was your T3R clean without any items to mitigate?


T3R triggered by Dui.


What agency was your clearance for?


Clearance is with dod.


I see. I’m also in the middle of a T3R, but with Department of State. I also had a alcohol-related incident more than a year prior to investigation. It was non-criminal, but I got in trouble with DOS HR. As far as I know, there was no incident in JPAS (or whatever DOS’ equivalent is) because I kept my job. It was only raised as an issue when it came time to renew my clearance. My timeline looks something like this:
~05/03/2018- Investigation opened
05/29/2018- BI interview
~06/15/2018- follow-up interview
In adjudications as of 10/16/2018; nothing else heard from BI since June and still working on the job.


Yeah similar boat as you, get to keep the job as of now and I am under the impression that I can maintain my clearance up to a Doha hearing/decision if it would ever get to that point. Seems like we’re both at the final leg of it, I will be posting when I get a decision. It’s a stressful process and looking forward to it being over.


DUI’s are normally very survivable in the clearance world. I have successfully navigated a person with two DUI’s to get cleared. And I have had about a half dozen, actively cleared who experienced the cost of DUI. All but one kept their clearance. The one refused to meet with the clearance division when the wanted to verify he was following his treatment plan. So as long as you successfully complete the counseling, adapt your behavior, and abstain if required…I predict you will be okay. The longer you are abstaining and incident free the better your mitigation is. That said, it is a great time to make sure finances are up to par as well. You don’t want a bigger picture formed of multiple issues.


I just received an email from an “adjudicative case coordinator” from DOS. The email was “obtain your permission to discuss a sensitive matter via email and also to determine which of your email addresses would be the best means of contacting you to complete the adjudicative process.” Should I be worried?


I’d say no, don’t be worried, at least not yet. If there was really a serious issue I think you’d get a letter in the mail or something. But it sounds like they may still be gathering info.

It may be something that you can clear up quickly with some documents or maybe even just some details in an email, I think they just want to make sure it is OK to discuss via email.


Can you kindly share your timeline? did you list any issues that might raise some concerns?


05/01/18: eqip submit (DOS T3R)
~05/03/18: Investigation opened; credit pulled
05/29/18: 1st interview with investigator
06/15/18: follow up interview with investigator. I just had to show him a prescription I took for depression and clarify details about an alcohol related incident.
07/25/18: status check, still in investigations; Congressional inquiry filed.
10/16/18: 2nd status check: case in adjudications.
11/07/18: Response to congressional inquiry
01/10/10: Email received asking permission to contact via email

The big issue that came up is that I had a non-LE involved alcohol related incident in February 2017 and I received a letter of reprimand at work. That LOR has since been removed from my eOPF. I get the impression that there was a concern about my alcohol consumption?


Why did you file a Congressional inquiry a little about 3 months after you submitted your eQuip? Maybe I’m just used to T5R investigations.

Feb 2017 seems fairly recent for the alcohol related incident–that’s why I’m asking. I’m guessing it happened at work?


The alcohol event would certainly require scoping.


My earlier posts in this thread explained why I filed the congressional inquiry. Basically it boiled down to my investigation being delayed because of an issue that was already resolved, and steps were not taken at the time it happened to revoke or otherwise take away my clearance, they only waited until it was time to do a PR 1+ year later.

The alcohol related incident did not happen at work. It happened at an after hours party in which coworkers were present. I just had one too many and someone made a complaint to HR.


Would this be delivered via certified mail?


That is a good question. I have only had experience with this indirectly (fortunately) and we kinda got a heads up through our company FSO. I am trying to remember if the mail was sent to the employer but it was more than a couple years ago so it is rather fuzzy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

All I can add is that hopefully you will be able to address the concern with some additional info and adjudication will proceed to a successful conclusion


Oh I see, so then they wouldn’t send it to your personal home address, but your company or agency? I guess that’s what my question is geared more towards.


I’ve seen it both ways, but what I was trying to point out was that the employer’s security office usually gets a heads-up first. Usually.

If you have not yet been hired then I suppose it would have to go to your house?