Arrest & Public Trust w/ DHS

I was arrested in 2013 for failing to appear for a civil matter. I never knew about the court date so I was surprised by this. Everytime I go to the proper place to get record of my arrest, they do not have it so I can try to get it expunged or anything because there is no record. I was not charged with anything and I was taken to the judge and given a new court date.
I had a friend of mine look me up on NCIC and the arrest shows with no details only saying internal arrest.
All in will will this disqualify me from receiving a Public Trust position?

The arrest will not affect eligibility for a public trust position as long as you disclose all required information on the SF-85P and OF-306. I would warn your friend, however, that what he did was a misuse of authority and access by looking up your record and could get him in hot water if it is found out. NCIC terminal users take training and certify that they will not use the system for obtaining information for personal use (family/friends).