Badge Process after clearance notification

I was informed by the agency that sponsored me that I was cleared and that I needed to wait for my badge paperwork to be processed. That was 3 weeks ago. How long does this usually take? Also, siince I’ve been cleared, can I apply for other jobs?

The clearance is for the position you were cleared on . Current clearance is not with the individual to carry with other “potential “ employers. Its not as straight forward as it seems

There are other regulations from a reciprocity standpoint.

Hang on for the badge till you find out more

Is that really true? Based on that, every time someone who already has a TS clearance and applies for another job requiring TS clearance would have to go through a separate clearance for that position…

Is this for a contractor position? There may be other considerations which are roughly analogous to the ‘suitability’ evaluation. Drug screen, credit checks, the sort of stuff that any employer would do regardless of security requirements. I knew a guy who had to wait like four weeks for all this to work itself out and it had nothing to do with the security clearance… the new company picked that up right away.