Be honest... someone forgot about me, right?

@riazur31, these numbers and timelines are ridiculous.

I can at least say that I’ve had both the poly and psych. That’s something… I guess. But it seems ludicrous to wait this long for a subject interview (6 months since completing the aforementioned steps)… but I’ve been told multiple times, that this time seems appropriate. So, who knows.

I tried calling the number at two separate times today, and it went to voicemail each time. My sign to keep sitting on my hands, lol.


Where do you see TWO investigations of over 400 days? Your own post says “paperwork submitted December 2018” . . . That only about eight months ago.

On the first investigation . . . What do you mean, “was never completed”? Did you end it? The employer? After how long?

Can you think of anything in your SF86 that would cause such a delay?

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@Batdog123… keep hope a live, man…lol.

@EdFarmerIII, you have any blunt tri state area advice for me?

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I wasn’t complete in my original answer, so let me clarify: March 2017, I had an offer with the DoD. All paperwork submitted April 2017. This is for a secret. I hear nothing at all for 14 months.

In June 2018, I accept a new job that requires a TS/SCI. I let the old job know I am no longer interested, and ask them to close out the investigation which was still ongoing. TS/SCI paperwork all submitted in July 2018 (apologies for saying December - that was a mistype, I confused it with something else I was typing for work lol), March 2019 was background investigation, and nothing since then.

So with that first secret clearance and the current TS/SCI, I’ve had 2 investigations, no clearances granted, both at around 400+ days. I don’t think I have anything on my SF86 that would cause such a delay other than me living in 4 different states the past years.

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@Trey3 just curious, have they contacted any of your listed (or unlisted) references?

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@Desk… as far as I know, no. The people I listed would’ve reached out to me automatically if they had.

OK . . . First, I don’t think that you should have closed the first investigation. I believe that your new prospective employer should have handled that and part of the first investigation would have been picked up for the TS. Second, 18 months for a Secret and 24 months for TS aren’t unusual. They may be out of the norm but are not far from the average.

This means that you may have stopped your first investigation shortly before reaching the end and you aren’t beyond average in your second investigation.

It’s a tough place to be, I understand completely but it’s the area of the world that we have decided to work in.

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@Trey3 . . . I don’t know what you’re looking for from me . . . You have been posting here for quite a while. I’m pretty much out of advice until something else happens to you!


@EdFarmerIII, honestly bud… that question was in jest…lol.


My second employer told me that I could not have two investigations at once - so I was told to contact the first employer and ask them to close out their clearance. Once the new employer confirmed in JPAS that my first investigation had closed out, only then did they accept my new SF86 for a TS/SCI. Maybe it’s possible to have one clearance to take over the other, but I did what I was explicitly told. Perhaps this happened because one investigation was for DoD and the other for IC, I don’t know.

The TS wait of 400 days may be okay, but I was at roughly 440 days for a secret when the average is supposedly 234. The secret investigation hadn’t even hit adjudication at that point, so I don’t think it was stopped shortly before completion - there was probably still a good chunk of time left.

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I didn’t say that you did anything wrong. I just think that it should have been handled by your new company taking over the current investigation. It may not have made a difference since the first was S and the second TS. I also didn’t say that you weren’t past the average for the secret, only that you were still in the ballpark.

IC investigations are a whole different matter . . . These organizations are in the business of being clandestine and their security process isn’t any different from the rest of their business. We have people here who have gone two or three years without even hearing about an IC application. They work at their own pace. They look at what they want and they have no problem with waiting.


@EdFarmerIII, that second paragraph is an eye opening one and it makes complete sense.

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That’s insane, I hope the both of us hear something soon.

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@Desk, same here, bud… same here.

Did you not read what I wrote…? The new company (higher paying offer, so I took that job) told me I had no choice but to have that other clearance closed. They checked JPAS daily until they could confirm my clearance was closed, then they extended their paperwork. It was one job or the other. There was no way for me to just avoid notifying them…

@Batdog123 @Trey3, regarding to the rumor mentioned above… yes, agencies do have something like a cleared pool, which they will fill positions based on available billets. However, agencies typically fill those billets pretty quickly as it is in their best interest to do so.

On investigations, I honestly do not think IC investigations arent any different than non-IC investigations. IC agencies, in my opinion, move rather faster with their process. However, it depends largely on the positions and possibly access. If the positions are in demand, you will onboard more quickly. Also, if the position requires certain access, it will take a few more weeks or so.

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Right, I’m supposed to trust the “personal experience” of a guy I’ve never met over the HR and security officer of the company that’s hiring me. Lol. I did verify with r/SecurityClearance before doing what I did, and although there was mixed feedback, I was recommended to just comply with the company hiring me, because that was the job I wanted.

Yes, I know people change companies amidst the security clearance process all the time and that one company can take over the process from another company. That’s not what my situation was. I had one DoD investigation and one IC investigation. As stated by others, IC investigations are different and they can’t just take over a DoD investigation. I had to start a new investigation.

We’re all just trying to get through the process man. No need to turn this into a discussion of what someone did was right or wrong. Because in retrospect, all of us wish there were things we did differently in the past.

Good info there. I remember my interviewer lifting her hand above her head when i asked her how many positions would be available, and she basically told me its a rat race to who gets cleared first, but in the big hiring year, it was a good time to be applying.

Right now, I just wish when i called the IC HIRES helpline, I’d get more than a voicemail. (tried 3 times now), and that I could get an actual response from my recruiter instead of the copy and paste answer I have been getting for 3 months.