Business trip to Taiwan during background investigation

May-28-2019 : CJO [DoD Secret (contractor)]

June-11-2019 : I submitted eQIP to DoDCAF. (Secret )
July-03-2019 : Interim Clearance was granted
July-05-2019 : Background Investigation Open
July-06-2019 : Credit Report Pulled out
July-3rd week-2019 : Interim clearance was withdrawn
July-12-2019 : The Investigator contacted my current supervisor and HR
July-30-2019: Interview with investigator (150 minute)
Aug-06-2019 : Phone with investigator (I was asked two things)

I’m naturalized US citizen (foreign relatives, no one related to foreign gov. or defense )
No alcohol
No drug,
No crime
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy history(due to layoff), filed in Aug-2016, discharged in Nov-2016

Current employer(not DoD contractor, all team members) is planning a business trip to Taiwan.
Does business trip influence on delay in the background investigation?

Absolutely foreign travel even business is required to be scoped. Not that it is fishy in a global society, but because it could mean there are connections that are questionable. If all is on the up and up no worries. American’s conduct a lot of global business.