CAC CARD Fingerprint/Security Clearance

Hi All,
Can someone explain to me the process of getting a CAC card after the fingerprint is done? How long it takes to get a CAC card after fingerprinting? I haven’t started my clearance process yet, I want to know if the same fingerprinting I did for the CAC card is what they would use for the clearance process?
Also, if they eventually ask me to fill out the SF85/SF85P form, do I need to include an expunged case over 13 years ago? how long it take to get NACI or Public trust clearance?

You can review the Standard Forms here and look at the scope of questions.

How long does it take? As long as it takes. There are no true timelines.

You won’t get a CAC card until after you start the job.

I have already started the job and done with fingerprint. Just want to know how long it take to get across CAC after fingerprints

Are you talking about the card needed to access the computers?

If so, day 1, hour 1.