CACI and Quick Parts

So CACI is finally taking the leap and rolling out quick parts. It is interesting that Peraton has had quick parts for years and CACI is just now implementing it. Why did they wait so long and why did they finally decide now is the time? Thoughts?

The main reason is because they did not want to have to pay for the added Microsoft Office licenses. Additionally, the guidance is going to have to be changed, everyone is going to need training, and let’s not forget about the cluster it will be getting all this stuff installed. Guaranteed there will be a 120-page PDF instruction document coupled with a training cartoon that just essentially re-reads the PDF. Staff will not be given enough time to complete any of this.

I’m guessing someone in upper management is implementing this now to make them seem relevant. They could have done this a long time ago but didn’t. The higher-ups needed something to explain how the program will increase production to cover for the lower contract bid?!?

The value add was not there before and it still is not. Will it make it a tiny little bit easier for the investigators? Yes, kinda, maybe, a little bit. But just wait until they up production quotas to try to pay for this!


One never knows the real “why” with anything that CACI does - however, the Microsoft Word license and integration is part of the delay. Word and FWS don’t really play too well together. One hour of paid training will probably be allowed…It has been about five years since I used Quick Parts - had to create Slow Parts using Wordpad…Just shaking my head about all of this…


Slow parts! I’m now wiping the sprayed coffee off my (non work) laptop…


I have slow parts set up on my computer as well lol


Me too. But I love having a name for them now haha! thanks!