Can a CI Poly get Transferred?

If I pass my CI poly for an IC agency, but don’t accept the final job offer, but rather accept a federal contractor job, can the CI get transferred to the federal contractor if I can use it there?

Sometimes. Depends on the agency

What @zsnafu said. Some agencies put this information in databases like DISS where FSO’s can see them, but others do not. But even when the agency doesn’t do this, a clever FSO with contacts in that agency may be able to pick it up.

As the philosopher said, your mileage may vary.

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If you don’t start the job, you don’t have a clearance.

Unless you already have one?

Correct but a completed investigation and poly can make a person “eligible” to get the clearance

Well… it all depends on if the IC agency will reconsider me for a GG14 or GG15 grade instead of the GG13. If not, I’m going with the federal contractor.

GG14 and up is management level and you have to compete for those positions.
Those positions are offered internally first.

Some are not exactly management, but most IC agencies definitely have more than enough 14’s and 15’s now to meet their needs… I’d say even getting an offer to come on board as a 13 has becoming much more unusual these days.

Agree, but my resume and interviews were against the GGS14/15 announcements, not the GGS13 announcement.

My interview was for a GG14 or 15 position, but somehow got offered a 13. I’m inquiring with HR to see why.

That’s been known to happen. The mysteries of Fed HR.