Renege offer, clearance still active?

So I currently have TS/SCI and am working for a contractor. I recently applied for a agency job that required me to take CI poly, which I passed and got a final offer. It took about year though and in that time I realized that I want to stay with my current company. Is it possible for me to decline the offer from the agency and have my company pick up the upgraded clearance?

First of all, strictly speaking, you don’t have a “clearance” yet, not until you start the job and go through the briefings and sign the forms. What you DO have is ‘eligibility,’ and yes, your company could possibility see that eligibility… assuming the agency that hired you put that info into a database that other entities can access. And not all agencies do that.

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Ehhhh technically an agency should not be issuing you clearance if your job does not require it. However, I have had a contractor offer to hold my clearance for me while working for them although it wasn’t required for my position.