Can a clearance get rejected if I have not had the applicant interview yet?

I had applied to an agency that required a polygraph, pysch eval along with their background check for a TS. I completed all the interviews, no one called me for the investigator interview yet. They had not interviewed all of my references either, so it was very far from reaching adjudications.

I had just been informed that the security investigation process is canceled but did not tell me why, only saying I could write later on to find out.

Do they cancel investigations mid way like that due to derogatory info I admitted to, or is it that the investigation might have taken too long and would not be complete by the time the job starts? I was in the running for a summer internship that would start in less than a month.

Also, who would I ask for a full report of my security clearance investigation?


What you described sounds like either they found something in the pre-screening/pre-employment process that they did not like or the position was filled or cancelled. Either way, if the investigation was not completed then it cannot be adjudicated, however, there will be a record of the information you provided on the SF-86 for any future investigations. Who you get the investigation from depends on the agency that conducted it. Contact their FOIA Office to find out how.