Can the FBI continue to deny employment based off a 14 year old failed poly?

I’ve been denied FBI employment because I failed their poly in 2006. I recently read SEAD 4 which states in part “No adverse action concerning these guidelines (adjudicative guidelines A-M) may be taken solely on the basis of polygraph examination technical calls in the absence of adjudicatively significant information.”

In 2006 I was denied based on the examiners assertion that I lied about drug use. No corroborating evidence was presented.

Our understanding is that an applicant who has “failed” an FBI pre-employment polygraph “test” is barred from FBI employment for life.

Wow. That’s harsh. Question: Did you lie about drugs or shade the truth, equivocate? If asked same line of questions again does the answer change? I know of people failing the ridiculously high failure rate border control poly, pass others and get hired. Each agency has their own rule set. Did you get a statement of reaso s regarding the FBI clearance? How did they characterize this event?

I never lied. I have never done any drugs, not so much as a puff on a joint. I have since passed two other polys. There was no clearance denial because it never got as far as the BI. I got the poly record through the FOIA and it showed a steadily rising line indicative of increasing nervousness not a spike indicative of a lie. I appealed and was denied.

What if one failed a poly with another agency that’s under DOJ?

Having failed a polygraph with another DOJ agency will certainly hurt one’s chances of gaining FBI employment, but I am not aware of a policy making it an automatic disqualifier.

FBI is the only one that uses this ludicrous draconian “policy”.

Do you have this in writing? A very strange policy indeed, especially since polygraphs have changed and evolved a great deal since then (or so they tell us).

Yes. I totally agree. I actually recently asked for a waiver through my congressman and you could probably guess at their answer.