CBP BI finished, wait time?

Hello All! So I applied for the CBP last July so its been well over a year and 4 months now and I have passed everything. I just passed my polygraph and met with the background investigator. They have finished and turned in their report to OPM I believe. So my question is, how much longer does it take until I find out if I am found suitable for employment? A little background on me… I have no debt, 840 or higher credit score, never been arrested and never touched drugs. I have an MBA, speak English, Arabic, and French fluently with a working knowledge of Spanish… I am from Lebanon only traveled there about 3 times since coming to America over 22 years ago. I am a naturalized American citizen for 8 years now, with an American passport, never renewed my Lebanese passport since becoming a citizen over 8 years ago. I did not apply for the southern border… So with all of that information, is there anyone that can give me an estimated wait time? I completed my eQIP and SF86 with little issues… Background Investigator said he didn’t think I would have any issues… I told him I am willing to renounce my Lebanese passport (even though its expired and I never bothered to renew it) And when I traveled to Lebanon once when I brought my wife there (she’s American) and used my Lebanese passport to avoid getting charged lol, but this was like 4 or 5 years ago… like I said I vowed to renounce my Lebanese passport. I showed them all the dates I traveled on my passport… I was completely honest about everything… any advice for an impatient dude? LOL!!!