Intensive Travel and Foreign background

I applied for SC for first time and got interviewed recently. After reading through all these blogs I am thinking if I am even going to get it.
I have clean background, no criminal, no debt or any other financial issues. However, for past 12 years I was working as freelance/consultant on my own. While filling our SF86, I had hard time in providing references for ever job but I managed to pull my contacts, some of these people are still at their jobs and some are not.
I also love to travel so I travel a lot in last 7 year and all out side of US.
I also have foreign passport which I never used after getting my US passport but had it in my possession at the time of filing SF86 and my interview.
Still have some foreign tie with family members(MOM, DAD, Brother and sister)
Given these reason I don’t think I will get interim at all however, now I am thinking If I might just get rejected for any of the above mentioned reasons.
Any clue or cases similar to mine ?
Thanks in advance

Same boat when it comes to foreign contact (family). I am still waiting since August 2016 and it is about to be one year in for adjudication.

Thanks for the response. Do you mean its been a year since you had your interview? It took almost 10 month for my interview… So in another words, I am looking at another 12 months for adjudication…?

Same here. I have my family (parents) still oversea. Please update your status if you get anything. I am still anxiously waiting. Thanks!

Same boat. I have just submitted my application and anxiously waiting. Please post your updates if you get any results.

I am still waiting. Only thing that I noticed. that there is was a credit check ran by OPM office on Aug 24th. Does this provides any clue?

I just submitted last week - September 20 and my previous employer was already contacted. I haven’t gotten any notification on the credit check.