CBP BI & K-1 Visa Application

I work for CBP as a contractor and have a BI. I recently submitted an application to USCIS for a K-1 Visa for my fiance who is an Indonesian national. Should I report my application to someone? Does my fiance have to pass a BI? I have heard comments in the office about people not passing the BI because of foreign national spouses and it makes me VERY nervous! I hesitate to discuss this with anyone in my office. First, I don’t want to bring up an issue that does not need to be brought up unless it is required. Second, while I don’t deny being gay I also don’t make public make a habit of revealing it my personal life at work.

Any assistance or guidance is greatly appreciated!!!

You did not indicate as to whether you have a security clearance or not. If not, then foreign influence is not an adjudicative concern and there is nothing to report or worry about unless the contract your company has with CBP specifically addresses it.

If you do have a clearance then yes, you must report a foreign national contact who is your fiance and whom you are sponsoring entry into the U.S. Be prepared to explain the circumstances of how your relationship, how it came to be and the intent going forward. It is not an automatic disqualifier but it will be reviewed for possible issues. The gay part has no bearing whatsoever unless it can be used to blackmail or influence you and no one should ask you what your preference is.

Marko, Thanks for the reply! I do not have a clearance just the BI.