Change of employer during periodic reinvestigation (PR)?

As of today i have several lucrative offers from other competing government contractors to continue to do cleared work, but have been putting these offers off as I am currently in the middle of a re-investigation and am well beyond the 5-7 year mark that would keep my previous TS investigation in scope. If I were to jump to another contract and pursue work at a different agency through a different company, would the new employer/agency typically be able to take over and complete my investigation?

My current reinvestigation has been open for over two years (!), and my primary motivation for staying with my current employer at this point is the concern that leaving for another company would jeopardize completion of my ongoing reinvestigation.

Thank you for any clarification you can help provide on this situation.

Your new employer should be able to pick up your investigation but you need to talk to them and see if they want to do so.

I thought this was impossible to do, as I had tried with no luck. But I met a guy who said he had recently done it. I think that the government has tried to communicate to contractors that clearances don’t expire and they can transfer clearances as long as there has not been a long period since the individual was last actively briefed.

Of course your mileage may vary.

Just me but since you’re in the middle of an investigation that has been open for quite some time, I wouldn’t move right now.