Changing Company's while under investigation

So my case was opened on May 11, 2017. I have already done my CI screening and my subject interview and now my case is pending. My question is, if I change company’s while my case is still pending what will happen?. Thanks

In most cases I’d say everything would stop. You might be able to coordinate with the new company to see if they can pick up the case before you terminate the first job. There is also a chance that the investigation has passed some unknown point at which it will be allowed to complete. But I’d say it is a risky move unless carefully coordinated in advance.

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I am in similar situation and posted the question to moderator(Marko) who was kind enough to respond

“It depends on how quickly the company notifies DSS to discontinue your background investigation or whether it got done and was waiting for adjudication. If the latter, if you get picked up for another position within 24 months they can review the completed investigation and adjudicate it. If not completed you would have to start from scratch. Go to the NBIB website and follow the instructions for asking for a copy of your investigation. The former company FSO should also have access to seeing of it was done or not.”


I heard if you take a leave of absence, your investigation will continue. But you’ll have to confirm with your security personnel.

Guys, I am in a very similar situation. My 5 year point hit last October, and the TS re-investigation application was submitted 2 months before (13 months ago). My current company has pretty much run out of work for me, so looking at a departure for sure. Can you ‘transfer’ the TS to another firm that has a billet while it’s under re-investigation? Everyone I’ve talked to and what I’ve read does not provide a definitive answer.

I was in a similar situation for a long time and was looking for a new gig. One potential employer said they could not find any record of a current clearance while my PR was awaiting adjudication.

Since then some guidance has come out about how clearances do not expire, but still I think many employers will be reluctant to pick up a person without a recent final clearance.

Hope to hear others refute this claim but that was my experience.

Thanks sbusquirrel. That is very very strange that an employer could not find your clearance in JPAS while it was under re-invest, as you should have still had it during the re-invest period (but maybe this was before JPAS’ time?).

I just chatted w/ a friend who does a lot of the FSO duties at her company … She doesn’t think it will be a problem so long as I xfer to the new company before my current company officially lays me off. I’m hoping I can time all this right :slight_smile:

I was never sure if they could not see anything, or all they could see was my last finally adjudicated PR which by that time was nearly seven years old.