Civil No Contact Order (Family Court) - Reinvestigation

Hello I currently hold a Public Trust in a Critical Sensitive Non LE position with CBP. I was blind sided with an absurd unfounded temporary emergency protective order. Three days later I went to court and the charges were dismissed. The family court judge then recommended a Civil No Contact order which was issued and that either of us have contact.

I am retired military of 24 years with a Secret Clearance. I have worked for CBP for 11 years. In four years I will have my final reinvestigation before retirement. Should I be worried about this? I obviously will disclose it. I have reported it up the chain and Im told not to worry. I have a clean record with obviously no past record or history of anything. PLEASE ADVISE!

Nothing to hide nothing to worry about. Relax…

I hope that is the case. I just know it is not always fair and the entirety of my career is hanging in the balance

Thank you for your service. That is good you took the preliminary actions to report it up the chain. You did your due diligence, and they responded accordingly. Trust me, This is a common occurrence and is nothing to worry about. You will be just fine. As far as the re-investigation goes, If you have papers showcasing the events that transpired before the court hearing and the results that came from it, even better, as it is always good to have evidence to give to the investigator if they ask, which I am sure they will.