Civil No Contact Order(Family Court) Reinvestigation

I have asked this once before I was hoping for an answer by a moderator or someone has has been an investigator or an ajudicator …

Hello I currently hold a Public Trust in a Critical Sensitive (Non LE) position with CBP. I was blind sided with an absurd unfounded temporary emergency protective order. Three days later I went to court and the charges were dismissed. The family court judge then recommended a Civil No Contact order which was issued and that either of us have contact.

I am retired military of 24 years with a Secret Clearance. I have worked for CBP for 11 years. In four years I will have my final reinvestigation before retirement. Should I be worried about this? I obviously will disclose it. I have reported it up the chain and Im told not to worry. I only have one more reinvestigation before retirement from a 30 year career. I have a clean record with obviously no past record or history of anything. PLEASE ADVISE!

I would not worry about it if you already reported the incident to your chain of command. You met the self-reporting requirement.

This is not an unusual incident and a couple years will have passed by the time you have your next investigation - this will show that this was a one time incident.

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