Classified Interview?


I have a co-worker who is looking for another job, and was surprised when he told me that he had a “classified” interview…

He said that his interview was in a SCIF, and that the potential employer looked up his information in JPAS, and then proceeded to interview him in their SCIF, where he could get more information about the potential job, and I suppose he could have given them more detailed information about his background and skills…

I find this somewhat troubling… Isn’t there need to know? He said that he avoided specifics of what his current job duties were because this was uncomfortable for him, and I would think so… Sounds like a fishing expedition, and a potentially illegal one.

Has anyone else had this experience?



Actually, that sounds par for the course with certain IC agencies. They use the interview to determine if the individual has the skill set along with the common sense and security awareness. Usually an nondisclosure agreement is signed before any classified information is discussed and of course the individual should not discuss classified information regarding his current employer or work.


Thanks for the info Marko…

The job he was interviewing for was with another defense contractor.

It kinda makes sense that a government agency might do this, but this certainly doesn’t happen where I work…

I can only suppose that the contractor with which he interviewed has been sanctioned by their sponsoring agency to perform this type of interview…



I have no background in IT but enormous interest. I have a BS in Marketing Communications, an MBA in Business, and almost done with my Doctoral studies in Organizational Leadership and Development. I recently was granted the opportunity to pursue a MS in Cyber Security. I am in my mid-fifties currently.

My question is, will there be a job/future in this field for me at my age and level of experience or should I pursue something more like Education so that I may teach etc?