Clearance Expiration Date

How do I find out my clearance expiration date?

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Check with your FSO and have them check the end of the investigation date in system JPAS if it’s a secret clearance it will be 10 years of that date

Also call 724-794-5612 ext 7000 and ask the very same question. They will give you date investigation closed also you can ask them the expiration date. If you know your expiration date start doing your packet a few months before that… Let me know what they say.

This is incorrect information. OPM does not grant clearances, they only complete the investigations used by the requesting agency to grant the clearance. Re-investigation timelines are 5 years for all level of clearances, but DoD and some other agencies have not implemented the 5 year cycle for Secret level clearances. Ask the security office that processed your clearance application.

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Is it possible to get the DOD speed up adjudications?

Thanks everyone. I’m good to go.