Clearance received

I was contacted and given a start date for training. I start in April 2018. Does that mean I have been favorably adjudicated? I was interviewed in the summer of 2017 and offered position with SCIS. I’m assuming that since I have been granted a start date for training I am good to go. Is that correct?

Unless you had an Interview then NO. I work for SCIS

I’ve had two interviews with the same investigator

Why 2? Did the Investigator come back for additional information?

Yes he came back to verify some things. All was good. He did that in November. I was sent an off to start by SCIS last week. Completed the IT course online and start virtual training April 9

Then your good. They won’t start the training until after your in JPAS.

What is JPAS? I know I will be learning all the verbiage soon. :thinking:

OPM maintains the CVS. JPAS is managed by DSS.

Once OPM says you can work as one of their contractors, then it is up to the contracting company to bring you on board.

Joint Personnel Adjudication System "

JPAS was conceived decades ago with several goals in mind, including to standardize the adjudication process within DoD; provide an improved database and processes within the security manager realm of functions; and to allow better communication between the central adjudication facility (CAF) and the security personnel in the field who actually give cleared individuals access to classified information. It was also a first step in a process to a virtual consolidation of adjudicative functions of the DoD CAFs.
Security Clearance "

Hey…general question. Do they provide fax machine? we don’t have a landline at my house…If I have to use fax I guess I need to get one. Also, SCIS provides computer and cell phone but do they provide a computer bag? Just trying to get things together before my training. Thanks

I am a Contractor for them. They provide the Computer bag but with Contractors we do not get a Fax Machine. I don’t know if they provide it for employees. They did provide me with a large printer for case work. It is not wifi so you have to plug it into your computer. You can scan and email documents. As long as it does not contain PII.

perfect…thanks so much

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Hey. When do you think I will receive my equipment and plane info? It’s almost a month away. Just curious.

I would say it is best to give them a call to make sure they have you scheduled. They are really pretty good about it. You may get what is called Bridge Training prior to attending training in Virginia. I know I was on Bridge training with a lot of new hires. Contractors only did the Bridge but the employees then went on for the class training in Virginia. You have to understand the Contractors are all retired feds or law enforcement professional who already know how to conduct investigations. So training for us is only to familiarize us with the NBIB requirements for ROI’s