Clearance revoked after filing EEO complaint

I had a clearance for 17 years with an entity in the WDC area and had stellar PARs. A new hire to the company was placed in a position of management over operators and began pulling clearances for contractors as well as short of touring PCS officers in the field. One contractor was walked out of the facility as he was planning to relocate to a different city. The manager heard of his move and pulled the clearance. The manager was a former software developer and had never served in an operational capacity.

Around 10 of the 30 staff officers in the program ended up filing two group IG and EEO complaints against the new hire manager. (he would call officers while we were overseas and request updates on our operations…over open phone lines…in our hotel rooms. that sort of thing.)

To cut to the chase, those of us who complained to the EEO and IG ended up being relocated to WDC on short notice. We were isolated, placed in temporary offices and ignored for days and weeks on end. The group of us applied for dozens of internal jobs and none received interviews.

We were placed on 30 day par cycles instead of traditional 1 year par cycles by the component we complained about.

People who resigned to accept positions with contract companies found their clearances were revoked after resignation.

After a year of sitting in purgatory away from my family with no position, I resigned to accept a contract job. The job fell through and nobody would tell me why.

18 months later, I have learned my clearances were revoked in December 2016 and I never received a notice as to why.

I am still looking for work- any work.

Is there anything I can do?

BTW, the manager in question as well as his direct managers were all removed from the chain of command shortly after the complaint. It’s a phyrric victory.

I don’t think that you should be here looking for help. You should be talking to employment lawyers and clearance lawyers.

I’m sorry that you are having these problems . . . Best of luck to you . . .

Depending on the Agency you worked for you may be eligible to file a complaint with the IG about your security clearance under Presidential Policy Directive (PPD-19). Part b of PPD-19 relates to the security clearance. Part a applies to other prohibited personnel actions for members of the IC. Ed is right. Might be time to engage an attorney that specializes in these matters.

You shouldn’t have resigned from the position.

As replies come in, I do appreciate the insight. We were a small dispersed component without any knowledge of how the main system worked- or the procedures. My poly/BI was last completed and adjudicated in late 2015, so the actions weren’t tied to any issues on that front.