Clearance with DoD re-adjudicated, IC SOR still in play

Had active TS-SCI with DoD CAF, applied with the IC and got denied. CAF saw the denial and revoked my clearance in July of last year. I got a clearance attorney and responded to my IC SOR. It’s officially been one year since I submitted a reponse based on the written record.
I took that same response and submitted it to DoD CAF through my unit.

I just got a call from my FSO and DoD CAF has re-adjudicated my clearance!! I officially have TS-SCI eligibility once again!!

Now my question is that because that particular IC agency still hasn’t given me an answer based off the written record is my clearance still in jeopardy?


I suspect that it is not, because the adverse information in question has now been adjudicated.


What @EdFarmerIII said +1

But don’t expect it to happen quickly. And if the IC agency in question does not fall under DoD, it may take even longer.

Thank you Ed!
I appreciate the response.

NRO… They are somewhat unique as they fall under the DoD and the CIA.

NRO… They are somewhat unique as they fall under the DoD and the CIA.

I’m not sure if they fall under CIA (like in the old days, when they didn’t even exist) but there are a lot of CIA people working there. Actually I’m not sure exactly how it works now, but I think NRO is trying to hire more people directly and try to rely less on CIA and Air Force personnel… and untold thousands of contractors.

Were you denied a clearance with IC or just didn’t pass suitability? Was there something on your IC SF that wasn’t previously on your DoD SF?

I’m of course just going off of what they told me. But yea, I know they have really been driving that push to not really on outside agency personnel for manpower needs.

No. It was more like the polygraph test administrators only submitted what they heard and not what I told them.
So their reports contained over exaggerated facts framed in a negative light, without including the incident mitigating information attached to them.

I applied for a job with the NRO, so my clearance was a crossover and I had to get an NRO fullscope poly. They didn’t like what I told them in the poly and submitted an incident report into JPAS, which made CAF revoke my clearance.

I responded to NRO’s SOR and sent a copy over to CAF for their adjudicators to make a decision. They sat on it for a year waiting for NRO to make a decision… To my knowledge NRO hasn’t made a decision.
CAF however favourably adjudicated my clearance and my TS-SCI was reinstated and renewed.


If you are no longer in process for a position at NRO, they may have stopped working on it… Are you still in process with them?

So funny story, true story… I call up my lawyer to let him know about the most recent developments and his boss answers the phone. Guy tells me my lawyer hadn’t been with the firm for a little over a month and said he would call the NRO and ask for an update. Technically I’m still on the books with the contracting company, but I’ve just been waiting on the NRO’s decision.

Now over the last year, my military FSOs and I have been trying to get CAF to adjudicate my case and bypass the NRO, this way I could at least get my military clearance back. They refused to budge and said that they were waiting on the NRO before they would make a determination on whether or not to reinstate my clearance. They told us this multiple times and when they updated JPAS the would always enter “NO ACTION”.
My assumption was that they were just going to claim reciprocity and deny me all the way, but the sooner they did that, then the sooner I could go before a DOHA judge for that specific military clearance (I know that I’d have to go before an IC Officer panel for the NRO if they denied me).

Obviously, I’m thrilled that they went ahead and gave me a positive adjudication without me having to go before a judge and fork out more money to an attorney.

The new question now…

Did the NRO actually make a decision already and maybe I’m just not aware of it yet because of the absent attorney?
If so, what are the chances that it is positive vs negative?
Or, am I still sitting under a stack of papers somewhere with that particular organization?

It’s worth noting that JPAS says that CAF re-adjudicated the clearance and make no mention of the NRO.

It’s a unique situation and I really appreciate everyone’s responses.