Clerance Crossover by multiple companies at the same time

Hi All,
I’m new to this blog. my question is.
can 2 companies can start crossover process at the same time, is so what happens.


Yes. My work location has numerous contracts, and one can work on several at one time. Each company hiring you and revealing classified material to you, is required to sponsor your eligibility. If you quit one or are fired it can wreak havoc on maintaining all other sponsors. Happens to my people all the time. One company sends up the cancellation notice and they axe all or several other sponsorships.

Thank you @amberbunny in my case my current company is trying to crossover to new project and mean time I found new job outside the company and they are also started to crossover my clearance to their project. I’m interested in the new job.
what will happen now? since both companies started crossover will it effect my prospects to join new job?
Thanks & appreciate your response.

Just make sure each agency annotates the their crossover form with words to the effect of “Works multiple contracts, do not end other sponsorships” I see this all. the. Time. Once they fall off my sponsor list it can be tricky getting them turned back on if they were close to out of scope.