Crossover to the same customer

Hi. Question for the sages of this board. I work for a contractor for a customer A. If I want to work for another contractor for the same customer A but on a different contract - I still need a crossover. As I understand, the COTR could be the same person from a customer side. During a crossover from one contract to another, do I have to stop working for the first contractor? How do I handle this? When do I tell them I have this other offer from another contractor?

Don’t really have an answer to your specific question but I know a guy who did this very thing, and the hangup wasn’t the security clearance but the routine pre-employment screening that the new employer did for all employees regardless of security clearance, and that took two weeks or more.

Just something to keep in mind when deciding when to tell your current employer the news.

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@sbusquirrel Good to talk to you again.