"Closing Actions Considered" OPM

My FSO informed me that my investigation was moved from pending to “Closing Actions Considered”. Has anyone else experienced this or know what it means? An Internet search does not yield very many results.


CA considered means that OPM has reached a timeline threshold for the remaining open items in the investigation and instead of waiting, for them to come in, are considering closing the investigation without them. However, I have seen some cases remain in this status for months unless you can get the govt. agency liaison to push OPM on it.

That’s what i feel could be the issue, as in OPM waiting to receive the response from the 3rd party agency and that agency not sending it/ getting lost in the shuffle… at what point do they move forward and close the case?

Unfortunately, it is whenever they circle back around to it and and a reviewer makes the decision. Could be weeks, or months.

Thanks for the information…Like always we are at the discretion of the great grand wizards that control OPM

How long were you in this state?

I don’t know if it was “CA” but there was a guy where I used to work, they were “waiting for information from another agency” for about nine months before he quit and went someplace else… a commercial firm not requiring any clearance I think.