Concurrent Ongoing BI’s

Hey, everyone…

As the subject states, I have concurrent BI’s right now. One is a PR started by a former employer (I left when they started PR, but was lucky enough that my current employer picked it up… two years ago) that is with the customer in Chantilly. As it is inactive, but still processing, I’m not currently working for that customer.

The other is an initial started by the Virginia customer who heavily populates the Chantilly customer. I’m also in CE with them. A former employer is sponsoring me and has asked if I’d be interested in returning when adjudicated. If we can’t work out a compensation deal, they’ll process me and allow me to use this clearance with my current employer. Both have favorable poly’s and have been in adjudication about a year now.

The problem: they both realized recently they were processing me concurrently and it’s now gumming up adjudications. The contract where I’m parked for the Chantilly customer actually expires EOM and may likely end my processing with them, so this whole thing may be a moot point.

I don’t believe my current employer can continue to process me for the Chantilly customer once that contract ends. The same time, I don’t believe another program will take me while I’m still processing.

Finally… the question: should I ask for the processing with the Chantilly customer to cease, hoping that it can speed up processing with the other customer, or should I just allow it to die on the vine?

I would almost suggest letting it run its course. I’m not sure contacting and asking one company to cease your process would benefit you. Sometimes they don’t do it at all, or they don’t do it in a timely fashion. You could possibly stop one process and then the other not work out. Just a suggestion I don’t work with admin related stuff or processing clearances, usually the one waiting like you for things to get done.

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