Questions in Transition

Hello all. This is sort of a novice question, but would appreciate some help figuring my situation out.
I just transitioned out of the military and was picked up by a contractor for a position, so my clearance is ‘active’. However, the adjudication is months backed up. I have had several short term clearance opportunities arise that I have been interested in pursuing to keep myself afloat financially in the mean time.

Is it possible to still have my clearance active with Company 1 while working short term with Company 2? I just want to get to work, and the adjudication is taking for ever.

Thanks for the help.

Are you currently employed by Company 1? If so, then you would need to check with Company 1 to make sure there is no conflict of interest created by your taking a job with Company 2.

But if you are waiting to get hired by Company 1 and are not on the payroll yet, then you can do whatever you like. It is possible that some other employer could put you to work right away without having to wait for additional processing.

I think it would be all dependent on your initial ‘contractual bond’ with Company 1, you might want to re-read the Conditional Job Offer (COJ) terms, and sbusquirrel was correct.

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You certainly can be on several cleared contracts at once. I have several. But those above stated, some companies get possessive. It is always great to have options. If your current clearance is in adjudication, that client may have a higher clearance they are seeking for you, or there is something being questioned and weighed regarding your information. If all other cleared contracts run into the same situation…you will be in limbo there as well. DoD normally doesn’t record a debrief for Secret clearances so you show as “active.” But DoD, in their infinite wisdom allowed many to go far out of scope, and separating military members left without a clearance. And they have no clue until they apply for a cleared position.

My take, if you have not started with company 1 yet…you likely do not have a non compete agreement. I would apply all over, accept what comes your way. If something better comes along you have negotiation power. Company 1 may think high enough and boost their offer or they may rescind. Either way you are getting paid in the here and now. If they do have you sign a non compete agreement…and your clearance isn’t their’s to protect it is yours…they cannot prohibit you doing other cleared work if it doesn’t compete with them. And no they cannot claim all defense contractors are competition. They are…but different contracts are different contracts. Even while on a cleared contract I had ethical companies ask if they could bid my resume, and unethical companies used various older copies of my resume without ever asking me.

I am ‘employed’ in that I am waiting for the final adjudication, but not on the payrolls.

Company 2 is ready to put me to work without additional processing. I just wanted to see if my clearance is ‘hooked’ to Company 1 while in adjudication. Thank you for the help!

It’s not even a no compete or anything like that. It says that one of us can back down at anytime. Is this wise in the middle of an adjudication, or does that not really matter? Thanks.

Thank you for the information. I have heard of the DoD mishaps, but luckily I just got re-investigated a year before I got out. Considering your second paragraph I guess another concern I had was creating a reputation as a ship jumper. I haven’t considered what to say if I come up as Active instead of Current when they do a check.

You are right though, I’m getting paid in the here and now, I should open up and see what else is out there in the meantime so I can keep myself afloat.

I don’t think you owe them any information. If they were curious, I would say “How about that?” And leave it at that. I use a lot of part time “cleared on other contract” employees. As long as our COTR signed the form acknowledging they can perform on ours, what they do in their off time or other cleared position is their business. Depending on some clearances there may be government reporting required as well as financial disclosures. But they do not get into your business, they just want to see if any unexplained income is showing up. As long as you follow reporting requirements you will be fine.

That’s good to know! Thank you tons for the information and clarification. I didn’t know how rigid the rules were, but it looks like I have more leeway than I thought I had.