Contacting Security/FSO - Lost my point of contact

I am currently waiting on processing for an IC agency
I was recently informed by a representative at the agency that at this point in the process I can no longer speak to my assigned FSO. Any reasons as to why that would be the case?
The FSO provided me with their contact information and told me that I could reach out at anytime. The first time I reached out to provide an update, I got a call back after leaving a voicemail but my other attempts of reaching out have been unsuccessful. I later found out that I could no longer talk to them.


Can only guess . . . The person that you were dealing with may not be in the position any more. The companies communication policy may have changed because the FSO spent too much time answering questions from people who didn’t work for the company any more. The FSO got tired of explaining that there is no update and there’s nothing that she can do about it.

We can do this all day but, in the end, it doesn’t really matter.

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Happens. All. The. Time. If a person is in process, the government will only tell us that. I now have access to their system as I manage the department granting access to the location and can see if the investigation opened. After 2 months if it doesn’t show opened, but they tell me it is…I can upchannel my request for new info, pointing out the investigation had not, in fact opened.

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So it’s probably nothing negative?
I recently got cleared by another place and informed this place about it. After that I couldn’t contact the FSO.
Or maybe I’m just correlating things… :neutral_face:

Don’t overthink it. Have no ill thoughts, if possible until well past 18 months. If you hit 2 years and are still not cleared, werent’ asked for more info I believe you are entitled to ask about it. But don’t expect a definitive answer. Rarely have I ever had a full TS go beyond 2 years. But I have seen it. And though I understand people wanting to stay in touch and call, that doesn’t make anything move faster. The FSO can only check and tell you what the current status shows…in process. It is frustrating. That is a given.

It is really frustrating, but I’ll continue waiting on them.
Currently waiting on my polygraph date. Thank you for your input! :grin: