Contract employment with many work locations

For many years, in addition to a day job, I’ve had a side job working as the front-of-house mix engineer for a touring rock band. (The boss always knew and didn’t care as it was my vacation time.) The band pays, of course, and I’m a 1099 contractor, and my tax returns included all of this on Schedule C.

Now I’ve been offered a position at an employer where a clearance is required. Obviously the live sound work needs to be reported on the SF86, but it raises the question about “work location.”

I used my home address as the “address of employment,” as that is what’s noted on my tax forms as the business address.

The correct answer to “Is your physical work address different than your employment address?” is obviously yes, but do I really need to go back and look at my calendar for the last ten years and identify all of the venues at which we’ve performed, the dates of performance, and further check to see whether the venues still exist, and find contact information for someone who might remember that I did a show there?

How does this get handled? Do I simply answer “No” to “Is your physical work address different than your employment address?” and add in the “optional comments” a note explaining the nature of the work? Or do I really need to enter the contact information for thirty-some-odd venues?

Yes, then in the comments, all job locations were temporary, less than XX days each location. Your band members should be able to corroborate the infrequent, short period, temp job locations.

This is common for people in trades and entertainment.

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Thank you, that’s helpful. I already put our tour manager as someone who can corroborate everything.