Counterintelligence Training?

We all know Counterintelligence training is mandated in the NISPOM

  1. Where do you go for your content?
  2. Who does the delivery?
  3. Is your training once a year, or grasping opportunities from the experiences of others and creating in the moment events?

Christopher Burgess
CEO Prevendra
and contributor to the ClearanceJobs blog: Burgess Articles

Burgess, huh? :slight_smile: Did he get a stamp too? :slight_smile:

No - Guy Burgess did not earn a stamp, he failed to invest in the USSR as did Kim Philby
Burgess(no relation, though when I traveled from the USSR to the UK the border folks enjoyed the opportunity to ask) spent his final years in a “sanatorium” (spa) on the Black Sea.

Though he lived there for 11 years following his defection with McLean, he did not assimilate well into the USSR, never learned Russian, and by and large just existed, until he died in his early 50s when the booze finally won the battle.

The Soviets sent his remains back to his family in the UK and they are interred in the family plot at St John the Evangelist Churchyard, West Meon, Hampshire.

They are an excellent example of a successful seeding and insider exploitation operation. Thanks for the query @sbusquirrel this is a well done documentary on the Cambridge Spies by the BBC:

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