Crossover from DOD to DHS

I am married to a permanent resident and I obtained my TS/SCI earlier this year. I am currently unemployed due to issues with contracts not getting renewed. I have a job offer with a company that requires an SCI with DHS and they are in the process of a crossover. It’s been two weeks since they put my SCI in nomination. Does it hurt that I’m married to a permanent resident to obtain a crossover? I have read having foreign contacts may get people a denied crossover, but I’m not sure if that’s true. Is it or should I be fine?

If you were granted SCI with a known PR the crossover is simply the other agency accepting it as isbwoth no further scrutiny.

So it’s been three weeks now and I have not heard anything. My recruiter is confused why I have not received a response by DHS. I’m concerned the crossover may be denied. Should I be worried or can crossovers take more than three weeks?