Clearance crossover Q&A

I currently hold a DOE Clearance and in the process of a crossover to DOD. Well since i have accepted a new job and they are with DOD, would there be any issue if i have given my 2 weeks before my crossover finishes.

To make things clear, i gave my 2week notice at my current job before my clearance crossover finishes with my new job, so just wondering if there will any issues with crossover since there will be a 2 weeks gap before a new employer holds my clearance.

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You should always wait for your crossover to be completed before giving your notice.

Yeah, i wish i had waited but from what i am reading online, they are saying their should be no issues. And there is a 2 year grace period too so i am hoping there is no issue. I also just found out, that my current employer has a 2-3 month grace period for any clearances. so i will hope for the best.

So an update, they denied the crossover and will not provide me any information on what the reason was for denial. I am trying to figure out what I can do get that information. I still have my DOE clearance so its not that i don’t have a clearance. Who can i request to find more about the crossover denial?

I also found out that since my parents are green card holders, that would also be the factor of denial, is there a way for an appeal?
My parents will be in process for citizenship.

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Just to be clear, they decided not to do a crossover and want to do a new investigation, is that correct? They did not deny you a clearance, did they?

Even with all the emphasis on “reciprocity” there are still a number of cases where an agency chooses not to do a crossover and instead requests a new investigation. Depends on a lot of factors and sometimes it does not seem to make sense. So it can be hard to say exactly why they did not agree to a crossover. Parents who are legal permanent residents should not be an issue, but relatives still living abroad may be.

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So they said they can’t move forward with an initial as well. I did ask the recruiter to see if there are any opening which doesn’t require the exact clearance they need. The DOD sponsor denied both, crossover and a reinvestigation as well. They said they didn’t want to take the risk of waiting 18months or so for the clearance to go through. i haven’t given hope yet since i still have my DOE clearance and i plan on looking at different opportunity which can get my foot in the door with DOD. I am eligible to transfer same level of clearance from DOE to DOD, this one just didn’t match and there were several miscommunications. i wish this process were easier and agencies had a single clearances rather than each having a different set of rules.