Current Employer Wants to Know CJO Grade/Pay - Should I Tell Them?

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for your wonderful help! I have a CJO from a DMV customer. My current boss, at a top-15 contractor (my project does uncleared work for a different customer) knew about my offer (my prospective agency interviewed current employer and colleagues.) He asked what grade and pay were attached to my CJO. Should I tell him?

My CJO is about $20,000 more than my current position. I am pretty sure that this project has consistently offered me less money than my colleagues (I am a woman and they are all male; they have known each other far longer, even though my credentials are stellar. I am the only who scored perfectly on a particular exam that has led other contractors to offer to host my clearance in the past.)

What are the pros and cons of my telling my current boss? The prospect of a sizeable raise seems unlikely. Is there any downside? I am a geeky type who prefers not to think about money, but I know I should. Any help from you would be greatly appreciated!

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It will be interesting to hear others opinion on this. I feel like it is just a matter of what you are comfortable with sharing. I had this situation once and I chose to tell my supervisor. My supervisor just said there was no way he could match that and I should take the job. He said he understood I needed to put providing for my family first and if I needed a good reference let him know. I don’t know if your supervisor is anything like the supervisor I worked with. Maybe he is trying to gauge how well the company pays versus other places, I don’t know.

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If you feel comfortable sharing and simply want them to see how much they were underpaying you, go for it.

If you’re considering entertaining a counteroffer, don’t.


Thank you so much! The CJO is from one of the top IC agencies, so even though the position pays relatively modestly, once I get my foot in the door, should I depart again to work for a contractor, my pay can easily go up 80% more. There is no way my current uncleared position can ever match that.

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Thank you! I am heeding and certainly won’t push anything. Very valuable to know. The boss has already said he would give me his blessings. In fact, he said half of our team are seeking a clearance. We may all see our jobs eliminated at some point in the future, so clearances are the way to go.

This happens a lot in the DOD Industry world and I suppose IC too. Much has to do with how much the contract allows. I work for a DOD contractor and many people leave to do the same job a few doors down for a bigger DOD contractor sometimes as much as 60% more but the quality of life isnt always so good. Sounds like you have a good skill set that is in demand. You could let employer know as sometimes if enough people leave, mngt tries to make changes to reduce some of the attrition.