DCSA Adjudication “In progress”

Hello, my FSO says that my adjudication is “in progress.” Does this mean the adjudicator has looked at my file?

I received a SOR for Guideline K and Guideline E. As active duty military, from what I can gather, I must receive a response in 60 days unless there are circumstances out of the normal.

Does anyone know how to determine how long the adjudication process takes? As of now, it’s been 35 days since my response.

Thank you in advance for any help!

The SOR is your adjudication of “Denied”. You have a certain amount of time respond to the SOR line by line and head to appeal. I did mine a year ago with an IC agency.

An SOR isn’t a denial - it’s the probability that a denial will take place however there is another chance to provide information that could mitigate the issues.

Guideline K is usually connected to security/PII violations.

Guideline E is usually due to an honesty issue- lack of proper reporting and/or an employment issue.

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Once my SOR went out, the agency automatically changed my eligibility to “Denied”.

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