DCSA Prepares Focus on Cleaning Up Periodic Reinvestigations

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For the last three years the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Defense Counterintelligence Agency (DCSA) have put periodic reinvestigations (PR) on hold in order to reduce the huge investigation backlog. Now that the backlog is down to a steady state flow, DCSA is now starting to focus on cleaning up all contractor security clearance records…


I think we have all heard of Continuous Evaluation… but what is that bit about “screened for deferment?”

That is concerning. Previous position had folks going out of scope, but were allowed to stay working as long as they remained on same contract, same function. Though cleared, if they applied for sponsorship under my contract there crossover would be denied, and we were told to submit as an initial. When I would explain they were badged, working, etc…at times they took action to remove them even with no adjudicative reason. If they quit their position and wanted to return later…had to be an initial. Meaning no work till cleared, see you in 24 plus months. Frustrating.

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Screened for deferment means that before you are initially placed in CE, you FSO and DCSA look at your updated SF 86 to see if there are any current issues. No issues means you are enrolled in CE and life goes on. If there are issues, a request for information is sent to you through your FSO/CIP or a TESI is scheduled out to the Field. Once issue is mitigated, you are placed in CE.