ODNI Implements Interim Measures to Reduce Investigation Backlog

Originally published at: https://www.clearancejobsblog.com/odni-implements-interim-measures-to-reduce-investigation-backlog/

In June the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) jointly issued a memorandum implementing interim measures to help reduce the investigation backlog for DoD. This memorandum instructs the Defense Security Service (DSS) to defer submission of Tier 3 (T3R) and Tier 5 (T5R) reinvestigations for the…


So lets say you submit an SF-86 for a PR. You’re screened and PSMO-I makes a determination to defer the reinvestigation and enroll you in the CE/CV. Then they are also supposed to “reciprocally accept the prior favorable adjudication for investigations that may be out of scope” Does this mean the whole investigation and adjudication process is skipped and your clearance is automatically “renewed”?

The adjudicator is reviewing your SF-86 application, comparing information from the previous investigation, submitting what is called a Continuous Evaluation Special Agreement Check which runs criminal history and other national agency checks, and if all is clear, defers the reinvestigation and the individual is enrolled in CE. The clearance status remains unchanged.

So does the anniversary date change to the day the individual is enrolled in CE? Meaning six years after being enrolled in CE another SF-86 will have to be submitted for a Tier 5 PR? Also when an individual is enrolled in CE in this situation, do they still have to worry about an LoJ like they would if switching companies during a PR? Or is the clearance now considered “in scope” for another six years (with the two year rule of not using the clearance still applying)? Sorry for all the questions, but unless I’m mistaken, this kinda seems like a big deal that could shave a lot of time off of PR wait times.

All of those are good questions and at this time there are no definitive answers as things as in flux. We will have to wait and see pending further guidance and directives.

Of primary concern to most in the industry is seeing the words “most recent investigation within 5 years” tagged to every job that is posted these days. Makes it hard to switch jobs when your last investigation was 8 years ago. (hypothetical - not the case for me)