Periodic Reinvestigation Deferment Process

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Back in June of 2018 the Director of National Intelligence and the Office of Personnel Management issued a joint memorandum that outlined using a deferment process in background reinvestigations as one of the methods implemented to cut into the huge backlog. The Defense Security Service (DSS) Vetting Risk Operations Center (VROC) recently published a Frequently…

Is deferment and CE meant to stay or just exists in the meantime? And once enrolled in CE does the deferment cycle repeat itself again every 6 years (ie new SF-86, VROC defers and continues to monitor with CE)?

It will morph in to a combination of CE and reinvestigation when needed.

Gotcha, so CE unless deragotory info or a lot of changes happened in the last window (like I got married and changed houses a few times or something)?

Any improvement is appreciated. 6 years ago my average time to clear Secret was 4 months. Now it is 12 months. It averages 18 to 24 months for TS with Poly. I feared they would use this as a shell game, and list fast closing dates for BI’s, but let packages wither in adjudication for a year plus. But if I can get processing times back down to 4 months on Secret, and if I could get the Holy Grail of TS at 6 to 8 months I would be a very happy camper.

Will we still be required to submit an SF-86 under CE? I don’t have a clearance, but a background investigation that expires in 2022. So will I still have to submit an SF-86 in 2022?