Decided not to switch jobs but my investigation is still open after 9 months?

I was offered a job early/mid 2018 at an agency (I currently work for an private sector fed contactor). They don’t actually onboard until after you have received a T5 clearance so knowing it would take a while I waited to tell my current employer until the investigation started.

So a whole year later mid 2019 the ball finally starts rolling on the investigation I fill out the e-qip meet my investigator etc and tell my boss. I had gotten a raise in the past year and when I told my boss they countered the offer to beat the agency salary, so I decided to stay.

Now it’s been 9 months since I told the agency I got a better offer. And now my current job wants to put me in for a T5 but can’t because I have an open investigation.

Is this normal for it to be open so long after I told them I withdrew? If so how long does it normally take to get it to finally close? I haven’t had any of my references contacted since I withdrew so I know they have stopped investigating… So I’m in the weird limbo where I can let get a clearance for my current job?

If anyone has any insight I would really appreciate it…

Why did you create two threads to ask this question?

It’s one thread now I wanted to change something