Declining a job after they sponsored me for a security clearance

I accepted a job before I graduated college that I needed a security clearance to start and hoped the clearance would be done by the fall however my security clearance took longer than I expected and eventually I got to a point were I had to take another full time job to pay my bills.

Now I’m just getting word that my clearance went through and they would like to set a start date but I really like the job I’m at and feel bad leaving after I just recently started. Will there be any consequences if I stay at this job and don’t take the job with the security clearance? I know they will be mad at me but can they take any further action like making me pay for their costs to get the clearance for prevent me from getting future clearances or anything like that?

Happens all the time. No worries whatsoever. However, I would still speak with them, find out the compensation, benefits, potential for growth, etc. It may provide you a great promotion or change. Or not. Engage them and see what they offer. If you are making more tell them you are employed, but intrigued, and will entertain an offer. You never know. This could be grand…or not. No consequences to you whatsoever. But you get the wonderful life experience of rejecting an offer. DO so professionally and respectfully so as to never burn bridges. That last part was free lifetime advice. Guaranteed worth what we charged, lol. Have a great 4th!

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Not at all…

This happens all the time because of the long time it takes to process clearances. Any job that is worth working for will wish you well in your future endeavors.

Take Care!