Delayed file delivery?

Has anyone ever seen a delayed investigative file delivery? My agency (non-DoD) notified me that my investigation is closed but they are waiting on DCSA to send my file to them so they can adjudicate. I believe it has been closed for at least a couple weeks now.

Disclaimer: This is based on my security rep calling DCSA and that is what DCSA told them. I am unsure if DISS shows it as closed or pending currently (2 weeks ago it showed pending).

This also could be some type of communication error somewhere.

But, has anyone seen a delay in getting their file sent to their agency after DCSA closes the investigation?

I’ve heard of it taking a long time for a request from one agency requesting files from another agency to complete, but usually that is some DoD agency requesting info from FBI or State or some other non-DoD entity. One would thing that transfers between DoD agencies would not take so long.

But it is summer after all and people take vacation, and who knows, maybe it went into the queue of someone who just resigned or moved on to a new job. There are lots of modern digital equivalents of the old “it fell behind the filing cabinet” situation.

Well as I understand it, once the investigation closes, it’s usually a fast process for my whole Investigative file to be sent to my adjudicating agency. Since everything is through DISS. Is it possible that the investigation closes but they still have to do QC and everything? I just thought that was part of the whole actual investigation and when the investigation closes then it’s all done and sent over.