Denied TS/SCI previously, black mark on background checks?

Last summer, I was denied a TS/SCI clearance. I failed the polygraph lifestyle portion, which was my fault, I got nervous and omitted information. This was all for an internship as I am still in college.

Since then, I have applied at two different places, a contractor and a research lab (also internships). In both cases, I have passed the initial qualifications, but declined employment in the background investigation phase. One was for a Secret clearance, the other wasn’t for a clearance at all, simply a background check. I have a spotless record, aside from a somewhat large speeding ticket (16 over), but it seems like I am getting declined solely for being denied in the past.

Is being denied that first time disqualifying me in my search for employment? If so, how long should I wait to apply for a clearance? Is this going to put a black mark on me for future cleared positions? I’m scared that my initial mistake will cost me my whole career.

Yes . . . If you “omitted” information, you look as if you are not honest and trustworthy. That is the flag, not so much that you were declined but the reason that you were declined. The information that you omitted could also play into the issue. If you omitted drug use, that one problem, if you admitted being fired for stealing or for watching porn while you were at work, that’s another.

I definitely understand that, big mistake on my part. But the information I omitted was somewhat minor, and just embarrassing. I told them everything afterwards, so eventually the truth came out. Is this going to be a problem my whole life? Like I said, I’m just a stupid college kid at this point, and I don’t want this to effect my whole career path.

You say that the information was “somewhat minor, and just embarrassing” . . . They may not see it the same way. Or, you aren’t looking at the correct reason for your denial.

The info was about instances, not something occurring at all. It was “this only happened once or twice” rather than as many times as it did.

Regardless, How long will this carry with me for future applications?

Again . . . It’s either a bigger deal than you think or you’re looking at the wrong concern.

You’re a college kid? Time heals all wounds, almost. I don’t want to venture a guess about what happened more often than you, at first, admitted. Maybe the problem is that it happened at all?

Yes, it will be a black mark until time passes and nothing similar recurs.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I would think failing to obtain a clearance wouldn’t show up in a standard background check. Usually they check credit, arrests, employment and education history. So you must have been denied for some other reason on the second job I’d think.

Hope you learned to stay away from poly’s.

You are wrong. A failed background adjudication will appear in the standard Federal background investigation. In fact, you are asked to list your past investigations by anyone and if you were not granted the clearance. (another ding when you don’t answer honestly).

Time will heal most issues - but you never stated what your didn’t admit.

I had to ask, did you receive SOR or SOI? How were you notified that your clearance was denied? You might want to get an official record of that.

If you were, indeed, denied, then you are barred from applying for a position requiring security clearance for a year from the date of denial. After one-year period, you can apply to whatever position.

Security clearance denial… will it haunt you? officially, no… .unofficially… ouch… nonetheless, depending on what did you “lie” about, you will have time as mitigation. How long? no idea… it varies from agency to agency.

Like so many threads on this site, you are being deliberately vague and ambiguous, which makes any type of accurate response very difficult.

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