Depth of Investigation into Financial History

Hi, I’ve searched around this site and google and have come across some info related to financial history and investigations for clearances. I’ve seen something about how an investigator could go pretty deep into an individual’s finances, but I’m wondering how deep and how often they would do that. Would there ever be a reason for an investigator to comb through bank and credit card statements? Or would they just make sure there were no sketchy major deposits or withdrawals from bank accounts? I’m sure it’s probably case dependent, but just wasn’t sure if they actually had access to individual bank/credit card statements.

Thanks in advance!

I think it is like a cat playing with a wool sweater: at first it is just a loose thread but pretty soon it is a big mess. That is to say, if their initial inquiries turn up something out of place, they will probably keep digging.

I dont know about digging into individual accounts, but they may ask you to produce statements if need be, like to prove that a debt is paid off or you are no longer carrying a big balance.

What would be on a credit card statement you don’t want found out?

That makes sense, thanks!

Yes come on @lightfoot spill the juicy details :rofl: let me guess … high end escort and you don’t want the wife to find out? Could be asked this line of questioning in a FS poly …

Interesting I was curious about finances once too because I have a vacation home and a seven figure nw… so figured it would raise all kinds of flags similar to CC debt/delinquencies. Aldrich Ames comes to mind why he did it and why he got caught. Anyway, spill it :joy: