Dismissal during probationary period

My friend got dismissed from her gs grade job at end of probationary period. She held a regular mid-level job (technically it’s not a security clearance job). Real reason was her manager didn’t like her and he said she wasn’t performing up to the standards … but she said it was all based on minor faults and she wasn’t really trained that well with remote classes during the pandemic period. Can she appeal dismissal based on lack of training even though she was still on probation?

This forum is for clearances not employment. Your question may be better suited for an attorney due to the legal nature of the question, or possibly the union if there was one at your friends former employment.

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From my limited experience it is nearly impossible to appeal such terminations. It is more likely that an individual would get re-hired by the same agency in a different job than successfully appeal termination during a probationary period.

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I’ve listened to my friend’s story. Here’s my advice … If you don’t already work for the Fed Government, I would be skeptical about getting a Fed job with a probationary period. If you don’t make it past probation for some reason (like your Manager is an egotistic nut job), they’ve ruined your career … probably forever!

There aren’t too many federal jobs/agencies out there anymore that don’t have at least some kind of probationary period for new hires.


That’s why going to work for the Fed is overrated!

While not security clearance related, I do know there is an appeal process your friend would have received at the time of termination. I’ll also say in 35 years, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen someone get terminated during the probationary period. Probably happened for a reason other than they don’t like me.

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