Disqualifers + Length of Time Remaining After Being Sent To Virginia

I’ve been undergoing an investigation for a TS clearance as a civilian. In the beginning of March I met with an investigator locally to conduct an interview on my e-qip, etc. He said he was done and he was now sending it to Virginia and they will make the decision.

I got an email from the Case Manager in Virginia requesting documents for my military discharge(when I requested them I was sent a letter stating there were none in my records as I had already stated in my e-qip there wouldn’t be) and documentation showing intent to pay my medical bills(the debt agencies would not issue me physical documentation unless I was actively paying them, but they do have in their records I’ve spoke with them on intent to pay once employed). I sent the Case Manager the letter I received about my military records and informed her about the debt agencies. This was 3.5 weeks ago.

Should I assume I’m already disqualified due to being unable to provide documents which was outside of my control? I was told the medical bills I have were low risk and shouldn’t be an issue.

If the before mentioned hasn’t disqualified me, how long left from the Case Manager point in time should I expect to hear on a verdict?

Everything I have is riding on qualifying for this clearance and it’s become very stressful being in the unknown.

The case manager is not the one adjudicating the case, they just make sure all of the requirements for the investigation are met. It is the agency that requested the investigation that will decide and you will be issued a SOR/Letter of Intent to Deny if the issues are not mitigated and afforded a chance to provide a response.