Disqualified for clearance

I am working with a secret clearance at the moment. If I leave this job to go work for a foriegn owned company for less than a year will that cancel my clearance?

Are you talking about a foreign-owned company here in the US? I wouldn’t think it would be a problem in most cases… as long as we’re not talking about Huawei or Alibaba or some other Chinese-owned company :slight_smile:

No the company is located overseas and has very few americans working there.

So is the question then:

If I leave this job to go OVERSEAS to work for a foreign owned company OVERSEAS for less than a year will that cancel my clearance?

If that is the case, then I would say that while it will not cancel your clearance, it will make it more difficult (meaning take more time) to reactivate.

And it wouldn’t so much be the working for a foreign company, it would be the living in a foreign country.

If you move overseas there may be a problem because if I recall one of the questions is if you’ve lived in the US for three of the last five years.

Not sure exactly what you mean by “cancel”. When you no longer need the clearance, such as when you leave a job that requires a clearance, the clearance is deactivated. You are eligible for a clearance to be reactivated if you are within the 5 year time frame. Though if you are close to the 5 year mark they may update your investigation to give you another 5 year availability. Upon getting another job that requires clearance you have the responsibility to advise the security office of FSO of your foreign residence and employment (this falls under reporting requirements for those with clearances). Just because you leave a cleared position, you are not released from responsibilities that came along with that clearance. When you leave a cleared position someone should advise you of any specific responsibilities (responsibilities are different for different clearance levels and agencies) and don’t hesitate to ask.