Divorce and contempt

My husband has a security clearance and we are going through a divorce. If a contempt of court has been filed against him and there is clear evidence he has violated the court orders including defamation, slander and libel, is it required of him to report? If our divorce goes to trial, and details are made public is his clearance at risk?

He is required to disclose all court actions to his FSO, and records checks will be run accordingly, so if there is an issue, he will have a chance to provide his side of the story. If he does not disclose the information as required that that will be a failure to report and a dishonesty/lack of candor issue. Depending on the level of clearance, his job, and the agency that is reviewing it this could affect his clearance.

Yeah, right. No way. No way going to impact clearance. Advice: try staying married! Makes life easier.