DoD Clearance Languishing

I am hoping someone in this forum might be able to assist.

My TS/SCI w/polygraph clearance is still valid in SCATTERED CASTLES & JPAS. However, it has been listed as a Loss of Jurisdiction due to an “Incident.”

The “Incident” causing this has since been adjudicated in my favor, yet nothing I have tried has moved the DoDCAF to arbitrate this matter since October 2017. I have had offers, Letters of Intent, and outright position requests within my tradecraft but no company has been able to remediate the impasse of my clearance, erstwhile my clearance is still valid until 2022.

I am hoping someone connected with DoDCAF might help push this issue to arbitration.

I have lost the only tradecraft I have known for almost 25 years and have been homeless for almost a year due to my inability to find work as I cannot find a comparable transition to employment within the civilian sector - add to this I am a disabled combat veteran.

My only recourse should this request fail is to elicit a Congressional inquiry - which will no doubt, be met with an immediate revocation of my clearance as reciprocity for the inquiry as has been my experience with subordinates in the past.

I humbly ask that someone within the DoDCAF please look into this matter.


My only suggestion is to get your congressman and possibly senators on the job. I don’t think that the DOD will want to be caught blackballing a disabled combat vet.