DOD JPAS Database

Does anybody know how longs it takes to be placed in the DOD JPAS database?

I imagine once the clearance eligibility is granted, JPASS will update to show it. I would expect no more than a few days at best if systems are update at midnight like a bank system. Normally, upon approval it is uploaded. Because regardless of paperwork, JPASS remains the quotable source to see your eligibility, unless cleared in other communities, like SAP or the three letter types using their own proprietary systems. .

Thanks for the reply, on 01/11/2019 it’ll be 4 months wait so far. I was in scattered castles; they approved my security clearance of which I already had a top secret clearance and had to relinquish my SCI when I retired on July 31, 2018; and I had a sign a letter of intent before they would start the process to put me in JPAS. I contacted the contract company and they said they’re also waiting. The company requests a status update on me every week but nothing so far. I asked the company if I’ve been denied entry into JPAS and they stated no and would know if that’s the case. Besides waiting, any other ideas what the hold up is?

Thank you

It is possible that my client’s system differs. I have been called out numerous times regarding the speed in which I get crossovers from JPASS. Going in reverse from another system to JPASS…I have not yet had to do. But in many cases I can get a verbal in 24 hours and they follow within the week with the paperwork. We relay heavily on crossovers as we have about tapped out the local market for initial clearances.